If you brake hard, you need GS610

      Key performance characteristics of GS610

  • Extremely high boiling point - on par with the best fluids available today

  • Low vapor rate virtually eliminates vapor lock in the braking system

  • Extremely low compressibility for more consistent pedal feel and brake performance

  • Low hydroscopic nature (low tendency to absorb water from surrounding air) provides heightened resistance to corrosion and superior brake performance over a longer life cycle

  • GS610 is manufactured as a maximum performance product. It has a dry boiling point of 610F (321C) which is higher than almost any other glycol based brake fluid. GS610 significantly exceeds the DOT 4 minimum requirement of 446F (230C). The typical wet boiling point of GS610 at 421F (216C) is in excess of the DOT 4 minimum requirement of 311F (155C).

  • GS610 meets and/or exceeds all current US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 for DOT 3, DOT 4, and current SAE J1703 and J1704. GS610 is miscible with all conventional brake fluids complying with those standards.

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